Radharanė is the family restaurant, therefore, we want you to feel like home here. radharane-restoranasHerbs and flowers to flavour and decorate the dishes are collected by our chef Jelena, while tea herbs and berries are grown by grandmother Vidutė. Cheese is bought from farmer Ričardas, whose cows graze free and happy, while cakes are baked fresh, each day. And it is only a part of our daily work.


We really care about what you eat in our restaurant!




Tofu cheese – tofu cheese is made from soy, which is a great source of proteins, while at the same time it contains almost no fat and carbohydrates. Thus, tofu cheese, made of soybeans, is a great choice for vegetarians, vegans, or people, following a healthy diet. By the way, this product contains plenty of calcium, so you will be happy of healthy teeth and bones.


Paneer cheese – our restaurant serves always fresh paneer cheese. It is sweet milk cheese, made by farmer from Šventupė village. His cows are free and happy, therefore, cheese is always tasty and perfect. This cheese has significantly less calories than usual cheese, making it perfect for healthy and balanced diet.


Chia seeds – we use this product because it is especially rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Our restaurant pays special attention on formulations, therefore, chia seeds are included into the dishes, while taking care of our customers’ health. By the way, chia seeds are very useful for those, who want to lose weight, since even a small amount of seeds gives a feeling of fullness.


Soybean is one of the main meat substitutes in vegetarian diet, especially knowing the fact that the amount of vegetable proteins is not sufficient in our diet. By the way, soy amino acid composition is very similar to that of meat, so it is an excellent substitute for animal products. Easy to digest soy dishes in our restaurant will give you the feeling of fullness and lightness at the same time!


Indian peas soup – dhal

Dhal – shelled product of legumes, which is an excellent source of proteins. In addition, it is rich in potassium and magnesium, thus, the soup of these products will not only satiate, but also enrich your body with minerals. A bowl of soup can really save your day! This soup is favourite among our regular customers, therefore, you will always find it in our menu.


(with paneer, spinach and paneer, vegetables, soybeans)

Samosas we make are oven baked flavourful Indian cakes with various fillings. Choose from sweet or salty one and enjoy our carefully made cake with perfect harmony of pie pastry and soft filling. Samosa with salty filling is perfect together with a bowl of soup, and sweet one – with a cup of tea. We bake samosas every day, thus, our visitors are welcomed by always fresh cakes.



Our restaurant serves various burgers with filling of your choice. The most important thing is that all they are suitable for vegetarians, while burger with soy croquette, tofu or guacamole is perfect for vegans. Between two soft rolls you will find the ingredients that will allow you to feel easy. Our burgers are not fast food, they are gastronomic creations specifically for vegetarians.


arbatosGrandmother’s tea

Have you noticed that there are a lot of herbal teas in our menu? Most of the herbs are collected and dried by our grandmother, so our tea is always very flavourful and delicious. We suggest trying quince tea – our grandmother grows and dries quince by herself. Quince is rich in many vitamins and minerals, while its tea is perfect for refreshing.

Ginger tea

In our restaurant, you can order natural ginger tea, flavoured with lemon and natural honey. Do you know that ginger has the same health benefit as garlic? It helps against cold, inflammation and strengthens the immune system. In addition, it tones and refreshes, therefore, it is perfect for both cold winter and hot summer day!


Ginger drink

Order a real bomb of well-being – ginger drink. It is made from natural grated ginger and fresh cranberries, collected with love by grandmother! Cranberries are not only an excellent source of vitamins, but also are characterized by different healing properties, therefore, you will always find this drink in our menu. We care about the health of our customers, thus, we sincerely recommend this drink!



Natural yoghurt drink of Indian origin Lassi with spices from India is made, according to the original recipe, in our restaurant. It is cold and refreshing, moreover, is an excellent source of calcium. Natural yogurt drink is a great choice, if you do not tolerate milk. Our lassi is always freshly made for you only after ordering!

Green smoothie

Green smoothie – carefully selected ingredients, which are shaken and served specially for you, our clients! Nettle from grandmother’s garden, spinach and chia seeds – these are the secret ingredients that make this smoothie extremely healthy! It also contains bananas, kiwi and oranges to flavour smoothie – it can replace dessert and become a great end of dinner.


Spices radharane-duona

All spices, used in our restaurant, are authentic Indian spices or their mixtures. Some of them are supplied directly from India. We carefully combine spices with other ingredients, in order they not only would be consistent with each other, but also have the most positive impact on your health. Indian spices are not only delicious, but also very flavourful, so start tasting our dishes with nose – you will smell the diversity of flavours in our soups and stews, and then taste them. You will see, once tried, you could not stop.


Bread baked in our restaurant is always fresh. This is our grandmother’s original recipe that has been improved over many years of baking. Our bread is with seeds – it is richer and healthier. Fresh bread is on our table everyday!